Bible Studies

How to Pray Someone Through to the Holy Ghost
This Bible Study is a report on the past 20+ years which includes seeing thousands filled with the Holy Spirit, both in the USA and overseas. This is not to take away from Pentecostal tradition but to replace it with behold, I show you a better way!
By: Ken Douglas
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The Blood of Jesus is in the Name of Jesus
If this is true, then without the Name of Jesus, properly administered, you cannot have the blood of Jesus. The scriptures are clear that blood is required, even from Eden, for the remission (removal or pardon) of mans sins before God. The beasts were slain in the garden, blood being shed, and the result was a covering of skins, which hid the nakedness of Adam and Eve. Their self designed suits of leaves were not adequate.
By: Ken Douglas

Heresies - New Gospel Emerging
Many students of Scripture agree that the world heading for a global religiopolitical alliance that will usher in the last-days' man of sin. In order for that to be accom-plished, a vast majority of Christians would have to be brought into line with an ecumenical agenda that targets not only professing Christian groups, but all of the world's religions. The question has been, how could this be possible?
By: Ken Douglas

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