Ken Douglas

Ken Douglas, a 76 year old AIM Evangelist, has been serving Jesus Christ for over 62 years. Filled with the Holy Spirit and called into the ministry at age 12, he has traveled overseas and throughout the United States, both as an independent minister and as a representative of the United Pentecostal Church International for many years. His travels have included Mexico, Canada, Japan, England, Scotland, Wales, Italy, Sicily, France, Switzerland, Germany, French West Indies, the countries of Madagascar, Kenya and Uganda in Africa and extensively throughout the United States. Evangelist Douglas is a retired U.S. Marine Master Sergeant but more evident than this is his love for souls. His seminars on soul-winning, marriage, How to be led by the Spirit, and Praying people through to the Holy Spirit are well received worldwide. After many years of steady travel, you would think he would slow down. But this is simply not the case! Home Missions in the USA and overseas missionary challenges drive him to find a way to go where the need exists!

  He has made a strong commitment to both Foreign and Home Missions to increase his efforts to promote the Kingdom of God. For more than 20 years he has been a counselor and helper of Pastors and has done marriage counseling for more than 15 years, with a success ratio of more than 90%.
  Prior to 2002 he visited Italy where hundreds were filled with the Holy Spirit, England, and other countries overseas where in each case God moved in an unprecedented manner. 2002 saw him in Italy, where in 3 weeks time, more than 100 souls were filled with the Holy Spirit. In French West Indies (Gaudeloupe) 8 souls were filled in a wonderful first breakthrough for a dedicated missionary, and Italy in 30 days he traveled more than 1000 miles, helped start 2 new churches and saw a number of people filled with the Holy Spirit, then traveled to Uganda for 3 months and it is impossible to tell all that happened! One objective on each overseas trip is to introduce the resident missionary to the U. S. Ambassador and this has proved to be helpful when the missionary is treated unfairly by the local government. 2005 included a trip to Madagascar where 270 were filled with the Holy Spirit. In 2006 he and International Evangelist Bentley Ball visited Madagascar, with 300 filled during 3 weeks and in a 3 day crusade in the fall more than 1700 were filled with the Holy Spirit. One service here involved 3000 children under the age of 13 and 625 (by actual count) were filled with the Holy Spirit in just a few minutes, plus several significant miracles of healing. End time revival is being experienced worldwide!
  He is known as In Un Momento lo Spirito Santo! or In one minute, the Holy Spirit! in Italy. His mission is to drive and go forward and slack not and he is confident that He who has begun a good work in him will complete it.
  Thank you for your prayers and support of this man of God who is determined to complete the mission!
DOUGLAS, Kenneth W. age 76 of Huber Heights, passed away Tuesday, January 20, at Kettering Memorial Hospital. He is survived by his wife Mary of 58 years and daughter Teresa, and a host of other relatives and friends. Ken served in the Marine Corps for 20 years before retiring in Dayton as a Recruiter. His life work was being a Worldwide Evangelist and mentor to those around him. Because of this, he is also survived by the many "adopted" sons, daughters, granddaughters and grandsons. He was a member of The Lifeway Pentecostals of Miami Valley UPCI. Special thanks to all those at Heartland of Centerville who gave him such great care and those who have sent flowers, contributions and prayers to the family.
Kenneth Douglas left a part of himself in the pages of the book he wrote called, How to Pray People through to the Holy Ghost This is a recommended read for everyone that wants to build their faith in God.